Fire Detection

A system having a control panel with accessories are installed after designing using a premises layout. The system remains on 24 hrs a day. Any incident that may result in fire is picked up by the various smoke detectors at different locations well in advance so that timely action maybe taken. It raises a loud alarm which when in turn connected to an automatic dialer informs in a pre recorded message to pre programmed numbers such as police, fire brigade & company management.

Control Panel

This is the heart of the system that all the devices are connected to. All signals are checked from here to authenticate the condition of the system. It is from here that one can check as to from where which detector is showing an alarm condition. These panels come with different capacities i.e. Zones / Loops. This can be chosen depending on the number of devices that needs to be installed and area that needs to be covered.

Speech Dialer

This device is connected to the control panel and a telephone line. Once the control panel senses an alarm condition it sends a signal to the Speech dialer. It in turn starts dialing telephone numbers that the user has pre programmed. A message in the users own voice is recorded and when the telephone is answered the message is played.

Smoke Detector

These smoke and / or heat sensing devices are available & suggested according to the environment in which they have to be installed. A few examples of these detectors are Ionisation, Optical, Laser Beam, Heat, etc. These detectors all sense the smoke in a given area according to the different levels of smoke. The Heat detector senses the sudden rise in temperature.

Response Indicator

These are installed outside cabins / enclosed rooms. In case a fire occurs inside a cabin the detector which senses the alarm also illuminates the Response indicator connected to it. This helps identifying the area where the fire has taken place without having to physically open the door to check and causing injury to personnel & gives a faster response time to the in charge to act.

Manual Call Point

Manual call points are placed at strategic locations in an area to help raise a manual alarm by the occupants if they detect a fire as soon as it starts. It either has a break glass or a pull handle. By breaking the glass or pulling the handle it passes a signal to the Control panel that will create a manual alarm and the sirens to start ringing.

Hooter / Sirens

These are sirens that are placed at various points in the said area to ensure that in case of an alarm condition all the occupants of the premises would be able to hear an audible alarm to alert them.

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