Essentially a system designed to view a location from another place. Cameras installed are to ‘see’ the location & images transmitted to a viewers monitor. Additional interfaces incase of more than one camera is installed will be required. If a recordable system the movements are recorded & can be stored for future requirements. We suggest the use of the correct cameras be it a standard fixed lens, high resolution colour with or without an integrated pan, tilt & zoom functions. Speciality cameras & enclosures that could give protection from dust & rain to being vandal resistant, bullet proof & explosion proof can also be provided if required. To complete the system a choice of quads, switchers, multiplexers, TL VCR’s, DVR’s etc are suggested. Systems that can be viewed / controlled remotely can also be installed.

The system is designed to meet individual needs and budgets.

These systems are very effective to view things of importance constantly, protect valuables in jewelry shops, keep an eye on the employees in an inexpensive way and to safeguard secret places.

Additionally Video Door Phones are used to view & communicate with visitors before you open your door. A standalone system has an outdoor unit comprising of a doorbell & camera. The indoor unit has the monitor. When a visitor presses the doorbell the camera transmits the image to the monitor. The resident can see & speak to the visitor as it has a two way communication.

General Camera
Specialty Camera
P/T/Z camera
Viewing options

General Camera – Basic models available in a variety where primary function is to capture whatever movement is happening in front of it & relay it to the viewing station. Available in all budgets for specific purposes as well as for general viewing. They vary from B/W, Colour, Day & Night, Infra Red (IR) etc.

Specialty Camera’s – Technologically advanced using cutting edge technology for specific uses. Used in Zero light conditions & to pick up the smallest of movements that may occur in the vicinity of the camera. Housed in specially built enclosure’s that may be of several different types e.g Bullet Proof, Explosion proof, High temperature or Very low temperature environments etc.

P/T/Z camera’s – These are Pan, Tilt , Zoom lens cameras that are installed when the area is being monitored by security personnel. They offer a great amount of flexibility in area being covered as well as having the capability of zooming into a particular spot that needs to be monitored closely. They are fully controllable in terms of zooming of the lenses. Tilting of the camera (above horizontal line & below) as well as panning (having the capability of moving the camera around its axis left & right)

Viewing options

Switcher / Quad / Multiplexer – Whenever a CCTV installation is done with more than one camera to be viewed on a single monitor either a switcher, quad, multiplexer has to be installed. These equipments come with 4 to 16 inputs. Each one of these has a different function & depending on the requirement of the installation the suitable one is suggested.

Recorder’s – The conventional type of Recording is done on specially manufactured Time Lapse VCR’s made to run 24/7. There are two types available VHS & S-VHS. The latter records in a higher resolution giving a sharper image. There are many different models available starting from 24 Hrs to 960 Hrs. Nowadays to avoid degradation of image’s that takes place because of storing these cassettes Digital Video Recorders have come to become common place. The DVR’s offer a lot more flexibility in terms of recording time & there is no degradation in the image since it is captured & stored directly on its Hard Disk. Most DVR’s come with inbuilt multiplexers.

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