Intruder Alarm

An Intruder / Burglar Alarm system is a totally fool proof system. The main unit controlling the system is the Micro Controller based Control panel. All the devices installed are connected to Control Panel. Incase of a break in or a day light threat to property & life the system aids in detecting it & sending the signal to the Control Panel which in turns aids the alarm to ring & if connected to a Speech Dialer will start calling the pre programmed numbers. Our systems are expandable, fully featured with multiple options, two user codes & with upto twelve fully programmable zones.

Control Panel


This is the heart of the system that all the devices are connected to. All signals are checked from here to authenticate the condition of the system. It is used for arming & disarming the system. An additional Remote Key Pad is also used incase the control panel needs to be operated from a distance. If an Intrusion occurs the relevant LED glows & the system goes into an alarm state. The Control Panel sends out the signals accordingly. These panels come with different capacities i.e. zones and according to requirement is suggested. Available from 4 zones to 12 zones with and without inbuilt speech dialer.

Speech Dialer

This device is connected to the Control Panel and a telephone line. Once the Control Panel senses an alarm condition it sends a signal to the Speech Dialer. It in turn starts dialing telephone numbers that the user has pre programmed. A message in the users own voice is recorded and when the telephone is answered the message is played.

Magnetic Contact

An electronic switch installed on doors & moving window panes. It has two parts one on the fixed frame & the other on the moving door / pane. When it is opened & if the system is armed it detects the intrusion & sends an alarm signal immediately.

Roller Shutter Switch

An electronic switch installed on roller shutters. It has two parts one on the fixed frame / floor & the other on the shutter. When it is opened & if the system is armed it detects the intrusion & sends an alarm immediately. This is made in a heavy duty dye cast aluminum.

Passive Infra Red Detector (PIR)

It’s a sensor used to detect movement in an otherwise area that needs to be empty at an armed condition time. When installed incase of any movement it will sense & if the system is armed it detects it as an intrusion & sends an alarm immediately. Comes in a Pet Immunity model which detects warm blooded of over 18 kgs so that there are no false alarms with household pets when installed at residences / homes / bungalows.

Multifunction Detector

A unique product that is a Glass Break cum Vibration Detector in one. Installed on glass panes it detects breaking of glass & also cutting of metal grills. Vibrations caused due to hammering is also detected by the Multifunction Detector which sends the signal to the Control Panel.

Panic Switch

Used manually to raise an alarm (incase of daylight break in / threat to life) the same sends a signal which sends the system into an alarm state immediately. This has an auto reset switch with a Japanese brushed steel finish.


These are sirens that are placed at various points in the said area to ensure that in case of an alarm condition all the occupants of the premises & outside would be able to hear an audible alarm and be alerted. Indoor & outdoor models are quoted.

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